Fitness Motivation


I haven’t spoke on here about fitness at all yet but it plays a big part of my life. I love going to the gym and first joined one in my first year of University in 2014. Since then I have learned so much about fitness and nutrition and I’ve gone through stages of loving it, hating it and everything in-between.

Last month I had my birthday so I had been really motivated since May to eat really well and keep to a strict gym plan so I could look as good as possible in my party dress. But as with most birthdays, mine included copious amounts of cake, alcohol and meals out. I’ve sort of celebrated for the whole month, ending with going away which obviously entailed MORE food.

Now i’m feeling just a little bit meh and really want to get myself back into gear. I think the hardest part of any journey is kickstarting yourself into it, so I’m going to share my top tips.

  1. I like to plan ahead, so I will look at what I have going on in my week and plan in my gym sessions, sometimes even writing them in my diary so that I definitely know when I am going to go
  2. I find it really hard to stay on track with my food and it’s such an important part of building and shaping your body, some people find tracking food intake via apps such as my fitness pal really helpful so you can actually keep count of calories. I don’t really find this helps much unless I actually want to know how many calories/nutritional value of a snack/meal so I just write down a food plan, of what I plan to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner which is actually also handy for when you go food shopping so you know what you need to buy
  3. I find setting weekly/daily goals helps, I just write mine in my notes on my phone and try to keep them simple and achievable. I am very much a list kind of person so I like to be able to use a method which I can tick off when completed
  4. Fitness and trying to be healthy and active is so important for your body, but its equally as important to make sure you are enjoying it. If you are forcing yourself to the gym and really hating it, try something different! I play squash with my dad which is great cardio, as I don’t like running on a treadmill. Similarly, if you aren’t enjoying your food, switch it up! there are so many healthy recipes out there that you will find something different, that is right for you. There is no point in any of it if it isn’t bringing happiness to your life
  5. Stop comparing yourself to others. Instagram is an absolute killer for this, but I also find I compare myself to my friends and wish I looked like them. Everyone is different and in essence you can’t change the body type you have, but you can work on it. It’s okay to have a goal body to work towards but please don’t obsess other people, and concentrate on being the best version of YOU

So just to give you an example, here are the goals I have set myself for today:

  • Drink 2 litres of water
  • Eat healthily
  • Do a sweaty AF gym workout
  • Finish tidying my room
  • Change my sheets

Clearly they are nothing groundbreaking, and some of them not even fitness related, but if you stick to it, you will see change.


Here’s to the start of a new week!

Dais xx


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