Uni Room decor

I will be moving back to Bournemouth for my final year at university in September and I decided that I want a cool, calm space that I can study and relax in (any old excuse for homeware shopping)

Whether like me you are returning to Uni or if you’re just going into your first year hopefully my tips n recommendations will help a gal out

As ever, I took to Pinterest for some room inspo (see below) but I am on a budget so have shopped around to find inexpensive roomy bits and pieces

Such beautiful spaces *sigh*

  1. Comfy bedding is an absolute MUST
    I’ve used this Wilko Duvet for the past 2 years and even bought one for my bed at home because it is so cozy! I got it in 13.5 tog as my uni house was VERY cold but they do it in a lower tog if you prefer a thinner duvet- at £14 it’s a bargain. I also bought this mattress topper/protector from Wilko, as I didn’t like the thought of sleeping on a mattress someone else had slept on (princess). It added an extra bit of comfort to the bed and isn’t a necessity but was only £8.50.I would advise to have a couple of duvet covers so that you have a spare if you can’t be bothered to do your laundry. I recently bought this white 100% cotton set from George home at Asda for my home bedroom and it is SO soft it’s unreal- I asked my boyfriend to guess where it was from and he guessed the white company. Such good value for money and I will definitely take it to uni with me/ buy another as a spare- £16 !!!Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 18.45.36.png

    p.s can you tell i’m in love with this whole white vibe
    p.p.s Asda have some great other options if white isn’t for you

  2. Storage is also a MUST
    Not only are they fantastic for transporting all you belongings to uni, they’re fab just to keep everything in and out of the way. I didn’t have a chest of drawers first and second year so I kept all my t-shirts and things you fold rather than hang in these little boxes (ugly but do the job) at the bottom of my wardrobe so they were hidden away anyway.
    For this year I would like to get some cute desk organisers to keep everything neat and tidy, I have my eye on this magazine tidy, for papers and documents and this smaller organiser for pens, sticky notes etc. They’re rose gold and ADORABLE


  3. Taking some home comforts is a good idea
    It doesn’t have to be anything big, it could literally just be a candle you like to burn or your favourite pillow. I took loads of pictures of friends and family and even added more of uni friends whilst I was there. This year I spotted some fairy lights which are pegs so you can hang your photos up. £6 in Asda
    which brings me to my next point
    They’re cute, cozy and can literally change the whole feel of a room.
    I got battery operated ones super cheap at christmas time but everywhere sells them! amazon is a good place to search for cheap ones.A lamp is also quite a good idea – or maybe I just like lamps?
  5. Other furnishings 
    I have quite a lot of floor space this coming year so I’m going to get a rug so add a homely touch to the room – this ikea one looks quite good I also would quite like a plant (100% not necessary but cute) just to add a bit of green to my space and hopefully it will oxygenate my brain. I am a bit of a makeup fanatic so am thinking about getting some better storage for my makeup as it currently spills out everywhere- I like this one from domuA full length mirror is a god send, Ikea have this one for only £20 and you could definitely use it again after uni
  6. Hanging up items
    Many uni rooms have strict rules on hanging stuff up using blu tack. I’ve previously used Command Strips which you can buy at homebase/wilkos etc and I even spotted some in poundland which I may try. They’re cheap and easy to use!

Some great stores for cheap homey bits:

H&M Home




Dais x


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