Lavender Field Frolicking


I was recently surprised with a visit to Hitchin Lavender, which is a pick you own lavender field in Hertfordshire, really close to where I live.  My lovely work pals came all the way from various outskirts of London to visit and threw me a birthday picnic before picking our own bunches.

It costs £5 to pick the lavender, they provide you with scissors and a cute paper bag, and you can stay as long as you like and picnic or they also have a cafe/shop.

We had sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, mini scotch eggs, crisps, dips, mini cakes and pimms, followed by victoria sponge and green tea. e.g a feast!


There were two different types of lavender, english and french. Bees were really attracted to the english so we picked more french, which had longer stems and were better for putting into vases etc.


It was such a lovely day, and I am so grateful for fab friends and the beauty of nature

Let me know if you visit!

Dais x



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